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Contact Us

If you would like more information or to contact us about brand partnerships, sponsorships, licensing opportunities, etc. please email your regresa equests and inquiries to:

[email protected]

If you require more information about our work, you can contact us by filling out the contact form or by writing us at: [email protected]

Eduardo Serio
Founding Member / President / Dictator

Founding Member involved in every aspect of the Foundation (Except funding it), from rescues to Veterinary counsel as well as personal “Therapist” for Papa Bear

Lic. Héctor Ortega Celis
Executive Vice President / Liaison with the Mexican Senate

Vanessa Fernández
Personal driver to PB. Gossiper. Witch. Jokes aside, a huge Angel of the Foundation. She is involved in every single aspect from the day to day operation to funding. She smokes though…

MVZ ESP Rafael Tinajero Ayala
Former Director of the Chapultepec Zoo, the biggest zoo in Mexico (And 10 more pages in his CV).

MVZ ESP Miguel Ángel Gomez Garza
Leading Scientist specializing in Felines, Psittacidae, Accipitridae and published author by PROFEPA

MVZ MVZ Mario Macias

Lic. Leonardo Álvarez Romo
Director of Governmental Policies, International Affairs and Political Relationships

Jamie Vine
Vice President of Sales and Merchandise
[email protected]

Lic. Luis Méndez Tay
Doesn’t do a lot but we Love him

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